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Flea Fly Mosquito – Echo song for kids December 2, 2009

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Remember the song, “Flea Fly Mosquito”? It’s a great & fun song to sing with your kids! Forgotten the lyrics? Scroll down below to the text in bold. How did I suddenly remember this song? Well…


Year-end school holidays have begun! I was feeling a bit guilty because instead of bringing my kids out to play, swim or cycle at the beach,   they’re stuck at home with me  (weekends included) while I sit typing in front of the computer… many more pages to go for my English assignments, sigh!


This morning, Mei Mei (now she wants to call herself “Daisy” or “Minnie”) is up and early, and wants to hang around with me, while I scan some documents. She has just finished reading aloud her storybooks to me, “First Animal Book”‘ and “我的身体”.


Then she asked me a question in her usual just-turned-5-year-old style, “Mummy, do you remember we sing Jesus song at night?”


Well, it actually happened last night when we decided to turn a hymn into an echo song! :) “He is Lord (Echo: “He is Lord”), He is Lord (“He is Lord”), He has risen from the dead and he is Lord (“He is Lord”)… (Sing together) Every knee shall bow, every tongue confessed, that Jesus Christ is Lord.”


After a few rounds of singing in harmony, it was me (not the 5-year-old of course!) who “got bored” with the repetition, hee hee.


Then I remembered my favourite echo song, “Flea Fly Mosquito”! The lyrics are really so cute and funny that they stuck with me until now. It was also one of the more popular songs during my “Girl Guides” days in secondary school.


How do you sing an echo song? In my case, Mama Dinosaur says the first line, then Minnie will repeat after her. Then Mama says the second line, Minnie repeats and so forth. All singing done while Mama Dinosaur carries on with her work and Minnie is entertained. :)



Flea Fly Mosquito – Echo song to sing with kids


Flea, fly
Flea, fly, flow 
Flea, fly mosquito



Calamine, calamine, calamine lotion (Note: There is a tune to this part.)
Oh, no more calamine lotion

Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy, up and down my backy wacky (Note: This line is tricky & test their listening skills!)
Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy, up and down my backy wacky


Eck goes the bug when I spray it with my spray can

PSSSSSSS!!!! (Note: Everyone curls their index finger to do this action & say it together)



Now back to work, and Minnie is looking through her “First Animal Book” again and asking me what do turtles eat. Okay, I can handle that. The answer is… (let me google it first) :p

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